Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Wow it's been a long while, too much has been happening to really get into. Let's just say if things happen in three's hope my three things are now over with.

Taylor is doing amazing, she's been to sick kids again and we are now not having anything with tomato in it.....wow life can be rough for a six year old....imagine no ketchup, no pizza sauce, and no Swiss Chalet sauce...things she loves and just can't have right now.
This adventure in life has proved itself to be an eye opener and I'm just hanging in there until the blood tests are back and hopefully then she can have things back again to enjoy.

Well I thought I'd be more on top of blogging but then again I thought I be more on top of life too. Just when yah think you have things figured out life throws another curve at yah. Maybe one day life will slow down,,,,until then I'll just hang in there and enjoy the adventure.

Today I added the counter, not like many visit but at least it's another thing to take up some space. It's neat and free so I thought I'd give it a try, my next challenge is to post a slide show of my layouts........I've done it before but wasn't happy with my results so I'll play with it soon and hopefully things will turn out better, after that I'm hoping to do a better page header....wow do I sound educated or what lol.

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