Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Best Birthday Present Ever

Gotta Love a Tomato

I can actaully say I got the best birthday present early this year, almost a month early to be exact. Taylor loves tomatoes more that anything, and a bit back the Hospital for Sick Children did some test--we've been through lots, and well to make a long story short she was taken off of everything with tomato in it for allergy reasons.
Do you know how many things this means??????
Well it really effected her and her life, and enjoyment of things. She's a tomato eater like some are an apple eater, and it was just cruel for her but also in her best interest.
Well a month ago she was told she could go back to eating them, she may have an intolerance to them, and that we can handle but she is not allergic to them. What a relief.
Living with allergies is not pleasant, most people don't understand them, most people think those with allergies over react. NOT TRUE. They just value their lives. We live with a true allergy to Hostess Dorito Cool Rance Chips, so much of one that she has an epi pen. She also has a serve beyond allergy to a medication. It truly makes you think about what you are eating, and where you can go without worry. We've been through the peanut allergy, she has outgrown that, but we are left as a Sick Kids mystery allergy, they can't trace the exact item she reacts to but it's the chip as a whole.
To those living with allergies keep just being in the know, keep educating others, and keep care of yourselves.
Thanks for reading, maybe this will make a difference if someone really is skeptical about foods and what damages they can do, especially to those we love.
Thanks in advance for reading.
Being educated really can make a difference.

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