Monday, November 5, 2007

Celebrating Seven, and Trick or Treat

Happy Birtday and Happy Halloween Taylor
I can't believe my baby just turned seven, then again I can't beleive we've just had Halloween.
I know I'm a whole lot late posting but things have been busy, crazy busy again, but good busy.
It's amazing how time flies, I keep saying that but wow we've already had that night of trick or treating. This year I was actually waiting for Taylor to say she wasn't heading out, I was prepared. We were gonna head to the mall, buy a few bags of candy and that would be that. Instead she bravely headed out and decided what houses to head to.
You see last year we had some fool chase us with a chain saw, his idea of fun, Taylor's onset of nightmares and of fear of Halloween.
However, this year Taylor decided that to face her fear, she just had to go out, if she liked the house head to the door, if not walk right on by.
I sure was proud of her, she was such a trouper, and she had a lot of fun in the process.
You go girl, be brave, face your fear and just do are my hero.

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