Thursday, December 6, 2007

You've found me now come find where I've been hanging out

I just completed this layout for a challenge at a kewl new
The challenge was we were to scrap our name...well my name's kinda plain, kinda simple and kinda boring..................I was just given it cause it was something my parents liked, no meaning just a name they might of picked sort of outta a hat.
So for the challenge I choose to scrap the name Taylor calls me, and that would be mama.
Not so sure where she picked that up from, maybe Berenstain Bears, who knows, but it's stuck and well it's just kinda been me.

The journalling reads: Hi, I'm Lisa, that's my given name, but the most important name that I go by now is the one given to me by Taylor. That name would be mama.....not mommy, not mom but mama.
That's the name that at this time is the most special name I could be called. It's her way of showing me she is the one in my life that's special, the one that I cherish and the one that sees who I am and knows I may not always be perfet but I'm the one who's there to wipe away tears, to share her thoughts with, and to always be the one to love her the way that only I can, and that's with all my heart.

I kept the layout simple--kinda the mood for the name and the meaning of the one simple word-- LOVE--a love for a child and the child's love for her mama.

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iluv2scrap said...

Wow Lisa, that is a beautiful layout! It's so soft and feminine and your journaling is so touching. You should post it in the gallery on SQ and show everyone else!