Tuesday, January 22, 2008

It's the little things.......

2007 Found Taylor allergic to tomatos, I know I blogged about it earlier but I found the sketch and was able to utlize my various pictures to tell the story about the day. At Concealed Beauty.com Terria the owner and Holly both posted some interesting challenges, I incorporated all three aspects and came up with what I did.

As a mom to a child with an allegry every day is a day of worry, wondering if things will be ok, and that at no time will she have a reaction to anything when mommy or daddy are not there. Her allergy is a "mystery", not easy to pinpoint and one that is odd--it's Hostess Doritos Cool Ranch Chips--yup those really really good ones.
Anyway in the whole process of allergy testing one thing that they took away was Taylor's all time favourite-tomatos, and what a time that was, of working through what she could and couldn't eat.
Anyway, to make a long story short, we changed our eating habits, did what we needed too, and after a few months and a few tests she got back what she missed so, and that was the ability to eat anything again with tomatos in it.
I promised Taylor that once she was no longer allergic we would celebrate, what better way to do so than celebrate with a splash at the local park.

Last night, with the temperatures soaring way below zero, I saw this sketch
and knew right away I had the perfect pictures to create the ideal layout. I loved the sketch when I saw it and wanted to create a simple layout that would let the pictures and journalling tell the story without being overtaken by bling.

I liked my end result, thanks for looking. Sometimes a simple sketch, a few changes and voila....
Thanks for looking in advance.

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