Saturday, January 12, 2008


All my life change as been one thing I've looked at with resistance. However not lately, for some reason I've just come to the conclusion that change is good, change doesn't hurt and change needs to happen.
So, I've changed my blog, changed my attitude in life and changed my ways on how I do things. Not all this has happened over night, it's been a slow process, but it feels good.

I think becoming a mom has helped alot, tackling all the things that come about with Taylor have made me rethink lots, and this is good, sometimes stressful, I won't deny it but it's good.
Life is a learning process, each day I'm learning so much, lots has happened over the past two years and wow, I can't beleive I've come through some of it so strong, but I'm making it and my hubby is my number one support and pillar.
This blog is allowing me to be me, and it feels good to have a place to just put stuff, I'm happy to share and I'm hoping that those reading might just either leave some thoughts, some advice, or some info on where things are at in their lives and how they manage to cope, do, and love most of what happens as it just does that--happens.
Hugs - seems to be my way of signing Hugs and thanks for reading in advance.

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