Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Glue Has Dried

First I created this digi layout.....then

Last night while Taylor scrapped I tidied up my scrap area, moved things about and completed my first hybrid layout. I took the digi layout, printed it on off white paper and played about with different elements to add to it.
And well, the glue has finally dried and here is the finsihed project.

(Kit-First Blush, again, and bling added)
When all is said and done...........I'm really happy with this.........I like the new sized layout I tried- 8 x 10
I like printing off my layouts and adding bling

I'm happy with the idea of having a new kinda fun-but I can't give up the getting my fingers dirty concept, both traditional and hybrid scrapping are going to be my 2008 adventures, I'm just not sure where I'm heading off to with either but the journey is going to be fun.

1 comment:

scrapcat said...

your first hybrid?
looks great - especially love the cluster of flowers in the corner and the mesh going down one side. Adds a lot of texture.
Great job!!!!!!