Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Taking Time

I did this layout last night, I love this picture of my husband, it's the second time I've done a layout using it. Never thought I would use a same picture twice, but I'm finding that when I like something I want to use it again and again.

In the picture he's wearing a cast, he fell 18 feet off a ladder, landing on his feet, every day I'm so thankful for his health, just think in a matter of a few seconds his life could of changed dramatically.
October 18, 2005 Taylor's 5th birthday, found us in emergency, thank goodness it was only his wrist but the brake was so bad in four places that the pain was unbareable. Four months later he found out he did fracture his back. He was in pain, went to work every day and kept being the wonderful daddy he is, yet I can't imagine the pain he was in. My heart is his, I truly love him dearly, no matter how upset I can be, how mad I am, or how miserable I am about something, he has a way to make my heart happy and my mood change. Thanks Michael for being pillar, my strength, and my guy.
Here I am putting my words down on paper, finally taking the time to tell you how I feel 26 years together, and I love you more than ever.

Thanks Shabby Princess for the free download of the Harvest Spice Collection

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