Thursday, March 13, 2008


Well I think I might of finally learned my lesson......on Tuesday I took Taylor to see the Hanna Montanna movie.........we had a blast until....well to make a long story short
it's been a while since I've drank pop, or really had anything with sugar in sugars have been really outta whack and well
let's just say
I ordered a combo-so with that came a huge root beer
and snack
three hours later
and I was at the walk in clinic
I was scared
feeling terribly ill
and to make matters really bad
the doctor took my car keys away and would not let me drive home
she thought things might be viral given I have been ill and on meds for a bacterial infection and might of picked up something else
I know the truth
I had that huge pop
and learned a lesson
if I want to stay healthy I really have to stay away from sugars
they really are a poison to me

Message---be good to yourself-take care of you and you will be healthy-

Cause I've sort of just been taking it easy, I haven't been able to make it into the basement to my in bopping about on the net I came across one site where another was recommended...
....(4 Scrappy Sisters) and they are having a crop week
it's been great
here are a few digi layouts I got done

mostly using..............a few kits
Java Joe-papers and elements
Mini newsflash paper and elements
Inkspell papers and elements

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