Friday, June 27, 2008

Early am or Late pm

Ok here I sit, after having been in my scrap space finishing an assignment for a design team I'm on I just can't sleep.
This week I've accomplished so much, paper wise I've made four layouts and four cards, digitally I've updated my blog, completed post on sites, and well downloaded some kits to get ready for creating a few more layouts.

Life is good, Taylor did so well on her report card she made mommy and daddy really really happy and well, it's the weekend and I'm either still up late or not alseep yet, can't figure that out, does that make sense.

Recently I was sent this cute blog note from a designer I design for, it made my day, cute eh
Thanks Sueli-it made my day!
Keep an eye out on your blog I just might visit it and drop yah a copy of the cutie patootie note too!
Sueli's an amazing designer, visit her site and be sure to have a look about at all her amazing kits.

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