Sunday, June 1, 2008

JuSt AnOtHeR DAy

yup that's what I thought.......until hubby called me to say he'd been hit by a car.
Then I think my mind went into overdrive, and I listened as he spoke but things didn't seem right.
He was still in shock, and I knew it but wasn't really thinking clear..............he's a transit driver, yup should be a safe job right. Not so. Not here in Toronto anyway, here the transit drivers take all kinds of abuse regularly, if our family members go off to war we should have to worry, not if they go to work. Daily it's shocking to hear what a public transit driver in Toronto has to endure. Verbal, physical and emotional abuse, yes you heard me right. It's amazing, and to think right now they are working without a contract.
Anyway, it was a hit and run, he's doing ok, but in lots of pain, they xrayed his hip-it's not broken but badly bruised, and emotionally he's dealing with the fact that someone actually hit him, he approached at the next light to tell them they did so-as if they didn't know, they took off the first time, and again they took off, this time making an illegal right hand turn at a red light.
What would make someone commit such a crime, and how do they think they will get away with it? Is society really that pathetic now, I choose to think not, it's only a few bad eggs in the basket, but for now my trust and respect has even lessened in the Toronto public.
Every day it's something different, we teach our children to respect, be honest and truthful, what has happened to the older members in our communities, come on should be just another day, another day to go to work, finish a days work and go home safely to our families, you want to be safe in your offices, I want those who work for transit to be safe in whatever vechile they drive....let's make our communities a better place, let's just slow down and go back to the basics, truth honesty and respect.
If the driver happens to read this.......I bet not however, just know that a day of play has been robbed from my seven year old, her daddy feels awful, his hip is hurting and the smile and joking nature he usually portrays is just not there, it will be soon because that is his nature, but while you drive your expensive car about the city, slow down, obey the laws and remember--DON'T attempt to pass a streetcar with the doors open-you never know who is entering or exiting-maybe next time it might be your mother who was sitting next to you watching her child commit several illegal acts-yup several--hit and run, leaving the scene of an accident, speeding in a restricted area, passing a streetcar with the doors open, making an illegal right hand turn on a red light, and maybe you are a mother-let's hope if you have a teenage child they didn't take driving lessons from you.
Thanks for listening to my vent today-well late tonight-I'm not sleeping-worrying about things-just me---tomorrow will be a better day-tonight let's just say that as I sit here writing it's at least letting me get things off my chest. I used to say bloggin was a good hobby, now I know it's also a good opportunity at putting things down and expressing your thoughts in a constructive way to relieve stress.
Maybe I'll sleep now--hugs me.

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