Friday, October 3, 2008

Personal Update

Well it's been a week now since I left my doctors office in tears. I've come to understand what he is doing is in my best interest however I just want to be "fixed". I was diagnosed with a torn achelies heel, and was told surgery was the only way to repair the damage. In the process I have had two dental surgeries where both times the dentist commented on the amount of bleeding. Well I mentioned this to the surgeon and that got me a ticket to the bleeding specialist. End result, I have an undiagnosed bleeding disorder which makes me a high risk for this surgery that I am needing. Until I have a diagnoses, which I may never have the surgery is on hold. The pain is still intense, and well to make a long story short, I am holding on to a surgery that originally I walked-limped away from just because of the time I would need to take off of work, I went back, was honest with a dentist's concern and well I still sit here waiting for someone to say something that will makes things move forward, you see, my day surgery went to over night with a hematologists on stat. The foot surgeon said that last patient he did this surgery on and was a bleeder the hematologist was suppose to come when called and would not, when they were called they said they were in clinic and could not come. That individual bled out and well months later is still having issues. Why can't anything be simple???


utmommy23 said...

So sorry you're having so many health problems. ((HUGS))

AnneMarie said...

I just bookmarked you to keep up with you since TSB is closing...
hope you get better soon!