Monday, October 20, 2008

What do you get when.........

you merge two amazing scrapbooking sites together?

One major scrap rocking site.
Just today the news was shared, Linda from The Shaker Box and Frankie from Making Memorie For You merged to create a major board with an incredible store. I'm really excited as it gives us a place to learn, share and have fun.
Thanks for the invite over Frankie, and thanks for everything you did at The Shaker Box Linda.
I'm extra excited that some of the women are there already and posting, can't wait to see who all shows up, I truly have made some amazing friends and can't wait to share the opporunity to make memories with new friends.

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preci28 said...

I'm glad you've come over to MMFY and are enjoying it. Thanks to for stopping by my blog.