Sunday, February 22, 2009

How much is too much

this year has been a wee bit too much already
let's see
what's happened......
Taylor's buckle fracture to her wrist
Hubby's car accident
Dog's fractured toes
Chip to windshield of truck
Flood in Basement
Taylor's Illness and reactions to Tylenol and Baxin

guess what
I think I am stronger than ever
just when you think you've had to much to deal with
along comes someone else who's has had worse to deal with
I think my goal for 2009 is
to stay positive....wanna join me?


Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Absolutely Lisa! Count me in!

Cheryl said...

Hey girl!

Check out this quote I got from Ivon's blog. I so needed this today and then I read your blog post and just had to share it. Hugs to you!

Maya Angelou : The ship of my life may or may not be sailing on calm and amiable seas. The challenging days of my existence may or may not be bright and promising. Stormy or sunny days, glorious or lonely nights, I maintain an attitude of gratitude. If I insist on being pessimistic, there is always tomorrow. Today I am blessed.

Calia Yang said...

hey - these things will just make you stronger and will make you into a better person! so stay positive! *hugs* ^_^

Calia Yang said...

glad you liked the tutorial. ^_^ *Hugs*

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

Hi Lisa,

Long time, no talk. I saw you have come back to Just Cre8. Nice to see another familiar face there. I had no idea what a busy time you've had. Hope all gets better soon.


scrappygal said...

I am with you on this one A better outlook..a better life. Many blessings to you.

Lots of love,

Sheila said...

Sorry you're having a bad year, but I agree with Cheryl - chin up, sounds like you have an awesome attitude. Love your blog!