Wednesday, April 8, 2009

It's been a bit....

since I've posted and I'm not even sure where to begin or where I left off. Our life drastically changed in January when my hubby was in a motor vechile accident, not his fault, and he sustained head, neck back and shoulder injuries.

I used to think I was invincable and that nothing would affect me in any regard. Never would I of thought that when something is someone else's fault will you suffer not only personal phyical injury but also emotional stress.

How can you just be making it in life and be told you are making too much money so that your insurance company will not top up your salary when your work place is only paying you sixty percent of your salary? Go figure that your insurance company will not openly tell you of a policy that if you pay a wee bit more of a premimun they will pay one hundred percent of your wages if you should ever need to be covered. Hence the emotional stress, worrying daily if you will have enough money to pay the bills, put food on the table, and well, just get by. Go figure that if you are unable to work no one really is there to say hey what can we do for or how can we help you out. Everyone says, paperwork is needing to be filled out, and by who, your family doctor, who by the time you have had the insurance papers, the physio therapy papers, and the work papers filled out, the next paper you need done has your doctor a wee bit pissed and fed up of all the paperwork he is being taxed with. Go figure, it's not your fault but well to just get by it all needs to be done and boy is it embarrasing to have to take one more thing in because you know he's had enough.
Add to all this transporting your hubby to all his appointments, your daughter to school and extra curricular activites and worry about your parents health who is not the greatest. Can you spell stress???
Life never stops just because, life moves on and carries on.

I've tried to look at all the positives and I've tried to find the lesson that needs to be learned. You know that wonderful saying, things always happen for a reason, well what reason would all this be happening? All I can figure out is, maybe we need to slow down, maybe we need to learn that the little things in life need to be appreciated, and maybe we needed to learn that relying on each other is what makes life really appreicated.
Mentally I've tried to keep a list of all the things that have gone wrong, and seeing it when it is written down is really over whelming.

(Daugher's broken arm not just any break but a buckle break, hubby's car accident, my being diagnosed with a undiagnosed bleeding disorder, three floods in the basement, my scrapbook cutting machine falling on the floor and breaking, running into the most unstable woman on the internet and falling into her clutches of her craziness being on her design team, car repairs costing over six hundred dollars because when the car was in the shop being repaired from the accident the windshield wipers were left on and seized, five of Taylor's fish died one time the tank is changed and the next time the tank is changed the tank cracks down the side of it, when travelling on the side road home from baton another rock flies up and chips the already chipped windsheild, the dog fractures two toes and only do we find out when during a snowstorm and I can't get home hubby is cleaning her feet cause she stepped in her own dog poop in the yard and he had to clean her feet and he cracked them back in place, we thought the dog hurt her hip or knee so thankfully it wasn't that serious, the dishwasher seizes and isn't working but is now a storage unit, the upstairs toilet floods and leaks into the garage causing a hole in the ceiling of the garage, and the television cacks and dies. Whatever happened to things only happening in threes).

One day at a time is my new philosophy and appreciating those in my life is what I need to be doing. I've learned that I have friends who care, that I can interact in life with little money by making choices as to what is a need and what is a want. Now I just need to get over the frustration of seeing my hubby in pain, of watching him try to move on, and try to accomplish small tasks that will allow him to function without pain and discomfort.

Life is never easy, and never to be taken for granted. Live each day as it's just another day. Learn to take each day one day at a time, and that each small task is a learning experience. Also learn to find out all the facts that can be available to you from whoever you are dealing with for whatever purpose, especially insurance purposes.

If you've read this far, here's my exciting news to share...

Three weeks ago Taylor competed in the first baton competiton of the year. Her team place third out of three teams and just this past weekend they competed again placing first out of five teams. They looked amazing this past competition and they look more than ready for the next. On the same day she placed first in baton, we drove back for her to get to her karate lesson just in time to find out she passed her two hour test the week before and was awarded her purple striped belt in a presentation ceremony. Mommy and daddy are proud and all we can say, is, there is always a brighter side to things. Look for the positives and always smile, the world wonders what you are up to then.
Hugs, thanks for reading and I'll be back soon with some pictures of Taylor's accompishments.


scrappygal said...

Oh my gosh do you need a big hug or what? I am thinking of you and hope things start looking better. Hang in there and thanks for always stopping by the blog.

Irene said...

Lisa... I stop in to read your blog on occasion and to see how you, Taylor and your hubby are doing. I'm so sad to hear what happend to your hubby and the struggles you are going through... If there is anything I can do to help you know where to find me my friend...

for Irene the Scrapbook Queen