Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Can't Wait

When I got home tonight hubby told me there was a note on the door that there's something for me at the postoffice and that it can be picked up tomorrow. I'm so excited I think it's the prize I won from Tomorrow night can't come fast enough, how sweet was Jan she told me she removed the styrofoam and put in a little something special for Taylor as well. There really are nice people in the scrapping blog land and I truly believe Jan is one of them. Hugs Jan can't wait to see the surprise for Taylor and create with my new toy.

Oh yah and wooohooooo my siggy worked, maybe there is hope for me yet lol.
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1 comment:

ScrappeeDiane said...

Ooh I love prezzies in the mail, so much better than bills. LOL

Great job on the siggie, I have a hard time learning new tricks for the computer too.