Monday, July 6, 2009

Need to be more active

Life keeps happening and well I haven't blogged much, lately I'm thinking I need to be more active. Only problem is, life is happening far too much, and I'm really not so sure how much people want to hear about all the things happening. So, what I think I might do is try to create more, try to upload more photos, and try to be more creative in my posts. Kinda sounds like a New Year's resolution right, well, not really but it's a goal.

Goal setting is said to be healthy, and if I'm going to want to be more active in the scrappin world the only way to do that is to be more active in life. So with that said first action is to post a photo.

This is one of my favourite pics of Taylor. I often wonder what she is thinking and how deep her thoughts are. She's very much in tune with her emotions and this picture makes me think about how deep she can be when alone.

Here's an altered item, not so sure I've posted before but it's one of my fav items, last year all my work that was done paper wise was given to the store I scrapped for. It is their property until they have finished with it, so once my stuff is back I'll have lots to post. Right now scrappin is not in the forefront with hubby being in the shape he is in, but I sure have been busy taking photos for scrappin once I can.


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ScrappeeDiane said...

I love your altered item with your hubby and dd, great photo. Glad to see you are going to be more active in blogland. I'm adding you to my list of blogs to watch.

Thoughts and prayers to your dh for improved health.