Thursday, July 30, 2009

What a small world

On Thursdays for the past two years my father has taken Taylor to the lake in the town where he lives. A program is provided there for young individuals with special needs to interact with the community by providing a craft and sports activity for young children from the town who head to the lake for a bit of fun. Today I wasn't required to be at work until later in the morning so I drove Taylor over to meet my father.At first I took pictures of her on the swing-with scrapbooking on my mind, however once the activities started Taylor was settled at a picnic table for the craft, then my father and I sat and began chatting at a near by table. I watched a bus arrive, the children depart, and when I was sitting I started playing with my cell phone, only to have my father request that I put it away while we talk, sorry I'm addicted as it has the internet and well I constantly play about on it.
A second later I heard a cry and looked about to find a lady laying on the ground crying profusely with pain. Off I went with my cell phone in hand to find her needing medical attention and care. I took a lead roll, called 911 and took the responsibility over of providing first aid. To make a long story short the fire department and ambulance arrived, and I left for work.
Tonight when I got home there were two phone calls on my cell and one on our home land line. A person left a number for me to call, and when I returned her call I was asked if I was at a certain place today and that was it me who applied first aid. I hesitated to answer at first, wondering what the issues were as the woman left by ambulance and was attended to by the professionals who knew what was needing to be done. The person continued to tell me that this person whom I helped was a friend and when I identified myself apparently I did so suggesting my work place, that I knew first aid and being that she was from a child care centre she knew by the way I took charge with the children being redirected that she knew I was or had supervisor experience and that she felt so comfortable being in my care.
I'm not writting this to brag, I'm just writing this to say again in life, what a small world it is, and that often no matter where we are our actions can be seen, heard or known to some without us even realizing it. The person who called just happens to be a woman who I have worked with, our daughters are on the competitive baton team together, and she just knew by the way the person described me that it was me who helped.
On the way home tonight, I was wondering how this person was, I thought I would never know and that I was just that person's angel there when something was needing to be done. The call answered my question, you can imagine my surprise over the phone conversation. This injured person will be off work for a while but she is safe and was thankful for my help. I am grateful to know she is ok, and that she appreciated my involvement.
First aid is never done looking for a pat on the back, it's done because we are trained, and care for those who may need our help. Thanks for reading my long post and if I can teach anyone one thing, that would be to act with knowledge, act with care and concern, and always just do the best you can do to help others.

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prettypilot2002 said...

I'm so glad you were able to help... wtg you !!!!

scrapnnMO said...

You totally ROCK Lisa! This story brought a big smile to my heart today. Thank you for sharing. HUGS to you honey!

Thank you so much for leaving such a sweet comment on my blog.


Jan said...

Love your story of extending a helping hand to someone in need!

I have "The Circle of Friends" blog award for you on my blog.

ScrappeeDiane said...

You are an angel, loved this story :)