Friday, August 21, 2009

Trying to teach Taylor

I'm always looking at these two houses on my way to drop Taylor off in the mornings at my parents home. I grew up in the house that my parents are still living in and daily I drive by these two homes that have been there forever but just recently have been given major face lifts.
Tonight on the way home, I was driving by slowing and looked to see the lady of one house struggling with crutches and her dog wrapped totally in a bush with it's leash. I rolled down my window and asked her what she had done to herself, not really sure of any other way that I could comment. She looked up, and said well, she was in a real mess and couldn't get the dog unstuck. I parked the truck, got Taylor out and approached the poor tied up puppy talking to it the whole way telling it was a good little girl it was, yup it had on a pretty pink collar. When I got up to it the dog was ok with me helping it and the lady was near tears. She said it was the worst day of her week, she had broke her foot and was having a real bad time doing stuff. The dog was unstuck, and she invited Taylor and I in when I asked if she was in need of having help with anything else. She mentioned she had garbage that needed to be taken out and so in we went to help her with this task. Out went the garbage, and conversation was sparked.
I'm not writing this to say again I've helped someone and want a pat on my back. I'm sharing my story because it made me feel good to have helped someone. My motive is that I'm trying to help teach Taylor the way of achieving a feeling or worth is not by what we own of materialistic value, but of what we do to help others.
When we left this lady gave both of us a hug and called herself "grandma Sandy" for Taylor. Taylor's eyes lit up. Our family is small and not of any cousins for Taylor, so this thrilled her when the relationship was sparked. ]
I Know that we will have several more encounters, as I'm always looking at the love she has put into her new little home and now that we've formally met I'm sure we'll have more time to chat and get to know one another. Sandy was thrilled when I told her her house was the one the block with the cutest little face lift.

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