Friday, September 18, 2009

First good day in a long long time

Thinking positive really does do alot for how things can be. Today I woke, got ready, got Taylor ready for school and suggested to hubby to get ready and come with us so him and I could spend the day together before I had to work. It was the first day in a long long time that we both laughed a bit, smiled alot, and talked while driving. His pain was minimal, his headache was there but not intense and he was able to enjoy lunch out without letting the noise of the place where we were eating at bother him to the degree that he had to leave. You just never know what curve ball life will send your way, but when it's a ball yah just can't miss swinging at why not. His accident has taught us to go with the good days and just take it easy during the bad. We had fun, but after a long day of being out he is exhausted and well to be honest so am I. I wanted to post this because for a long time pain and misery has ruled our lives. I so wish I had a wand I could wave that could make the ill better, the people in pain be pain free, and for each day to be a happy one. Thanks for reading my blog. I've got scrappin on my mind just gotta get the time to get some things done.


Jan Hennings said...

I'm so glad you were able to enjoy part of your day with your hubby! Laughing, talking and doesn't get much better than that :) You and your family are in my thoughts always.

ScrappeeDiane said...

Glad to hear it was a good day. I love your strength in thinking positively you are a real gem in this world. Keep your chin up and enjoy the good times.