Saturday, November 14, 2009

What are you thankful for???

Not so sure if you know but because so many of the people I have gotten to know on this wonderful world of the web have been lost because of sites closing I decided to create a forum. Well on that forum I've been doing something that was a challenge by a friend. That was to each day write down what I am thankful for. So far it's been easy, because most things in my life I appreciate or am grateful to have. Try it, each day write what you are thankful for, post it somewhere and read often. It really makes you realize what in your life is important, not that I didn't know but that it truly reinforces things.
Heck come on over to the forum, register and become involved. It's a place where friends can remain friends and keep in touch when the sites they visit are no long there.
On the sidebar is the link to the forum, I'd love to have you there.

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