Saturday, January 9, 2010

I Officially Did It.....

For a long long time now, I've taken Taylor to the gym to either swim or for her karate, and I've sat and chatted with other parents, never really doing anything for myself. Yet there I've sat at the gym each week, putting off taking care of me. With some encouragement from some wonderful ladies at I've started walking the track. Last night I officially walked for thirty minutes and again today I walked with a friend. It was hard last night doing it alone, but today the time breezed by. A friend of mine is at Disney World running a marathon in memory of her mom, she'll be my Friday night partner when she's back in town. Wow, I'm so proud of me, it's time I took the bull by the horns and did something to feel good, and I'm gonna do this!
Thanks Nancy for offering to be my Friday night buddy, and Marika for being there today and hopefully weekly when the girls are in swimming, and a HUGE thank you to the girls at Wescrap, not only are they amazing scrappers, but they really care about each other there and have inspired so many to do little things, baby steps to feel good about themselves. A huge thank you goes out to Ally for initiating it all by starting her own adventure, she's one talented, creative lady who has so inspired so many to start this year off with a positive note.


Dena E's Blog said...

And you Girlfriend are so very special,,oops,,,SPECIAL to me...Thanks for the comps and the blog visit. Your words are so true, about blog candy and such maybe thats why i just haven't been too concerned to try it as yet and after all I do have you!!!
1 as cherished as you are well need i say more???? :~)

Dena E's Blog said...

Just a note to let you know I am walking with you in spirit Girlfriend. Each push on my eliptical you can be there fro me too. I have one at home but a nice walk can't be beat with a friend..