Tuesday, August 17, 2010

ThInGs AnD StuFf

It's been a bit since I've been about my blog, life sometimes has a way of getting in the way here, it's never boring, sometimes stressful, but always interesting.

I wanted to thank all my friends who wished me a Happy Birthday on Facebook. This
year my birthday was a wee bit different than any other. My mother underwent a heart procedure, she's been ill most of my life, and doctors in our little hick town never seem to have an answer to the issues she has been dealing with. Off she went to a hospital not too far away and found the most amazing heart specialist who took interest in her and well, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this procedure has changed her life for the better.
My birthday wish was for this and well, half way through the procedure she said she could breath, something that has not been easy for her for the last two year.

I wanted to share some fun and interesting things, and with life here not always leaving me in the mood to scrap, I've taken a new avenue of adventure, and thanks to Judy and Simply Scrapping Crafts www.simplyscrapping,ning.com I've joined her and her team as a PR person. So far I've had fun creating a newsletter for August and well, who knows where this adventure will take me but I'm excited to be part of an amazing team and can't wait to get to know the amazinng DT members there.

With August almost over, and school just about upon us, Taylor's a wee bit nervous about a change of school's, a new start. The school she was attending has closed it doors, it was orginally built in the 1800s and the Board of Education felt that the costs of renovations out weighed the benifits of keeping the school's doors open. Taylor is nervous, and with all of our life's happenings we're taking one day at a time and working things through. Her biggest worry is that the amazing secretary at the old school was always there if her blood sugars were off. I'm sure all will be alright but it is a worry for a nine year old working her way through this new diagnoses of diabetes.

Just wanted to let everyone now what's been happening here, hubby is still NOT doing well at all, but baby steps and one day at a time. There have been some scary diagnoses that have come about since the car accident. Our lives have changed forever, but we will survive. We've realized alot about live, and have come to really appreicate all that we have in our small family that helps keep us motivated to do all we can for each other.

No matter where life finds you, always look up, smile when you can, and take each problem as a lesson and learn from it whatever you can to make your worries simple and your life as stressfree as it can be.

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Pryn said...

Lisa...just wanted to let you know that you, Taylor, your hubby and your mom are all in my heart and my prayers.

I am so excited to have you as a part of the SSC family! You ROCKED the newsletter Sistah!!!