Friday, June 17, 2011

recently my father reached out for some help
against our doctors wishes saying my mothers memory issues are all medicine related
we felt differently
and my father asked for a referral to the Alzheimer's Clinic for an assessment to be done
this is a three week process of several hours a week with doctors and specialists who review your life
my father took my mother
and this week
we were told she does have this
our world has been extremely altered, even just this week my mother seems to have spiraled downward more and faster than we ever would of expected
add this to a whole lot of other stuff on my plate and
stress is a minor statement in my life

the other night
my father asked me to make a book of some sort that we could put words in that would make my mother's remembering things easier

I made that book the other night
took it over yesterday
I was told my mother looked at that book more than 100x yesterday
but my father is unsure she even remembers sometimes who the pictures are of
they are labeled, words and sentences are put such as---my name husband's name daughter's name address is........

I do not know alot about this disease
I have read alot
and in truth it baffles me

I'd have to say the hardest thing I've ever created was this book
just because it had to be made simple
but the reasoning for it although helpful
broke my heart and does with all this disease has brought into our lives

thanks for letting me share
hoping your reasons for scrapping are always happy ones
I do know we scrap when we are creating memories and sometimes this is of people or even pets we have loved and lost
if you can share your experiences
believe it or not
it really does help the heart with the load when sharing with friends

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