Saturday, June 4, 2011

That weekend again....

It's that weekend again when I'm up at four and out the door to get Taylor to her karate camp at the University of Toronto.
She's there all day and it's a full day of tiring activities, starting before breakfast with a run. She's totally psyched for this and loves going. She hangs out with two boys at karate weekly and they too are at the camp today. Tomorrow she is going solo, although she knows everyone there she won't have her two buddies there for comfort.
I was so proud of her last night, the Sensi tested her for a stripe on her belt, he actually tested her outside with her shoes on for a challenge, and it was a challenge as she has a broken taped baby toe, but she got her stripe. She's doing so well, and loving the fact that she's peer teaching. That part she really enjoys and it has given her confidence and respect for anyone in a teaching position. She sees now what it is like for someone to not listen to instruction. I really believe it's made and impact on her and her listening for the most. Then again I have to remember she is only ten.

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