Sunday, March 11, 2007

Family Time

Today was a really enjoyable day-time spent with daddy, mommy and Taylor.
Down time is really needed and sure is hard to find but once it is found it sure is enjoyed.

Spent this afternoon watching planes take off and land at the International Airport, this is one thing Taylor really enjoys with daddy. Now I wish that I had taken my camera, but as always, I never have it when I am in the opportunity of having a great photo op.
Lunch at Wendy's and then grocery shopping. I've found that doing the groceries half way through the week on my own is just not possible, I'm exhausted and by the time it's done I'm wiped and ready for bed, considering I've been up since five, worked if I've been scheduled and then out and shopping till oh lets see I finally get to sit at about eight. Long day and I think I've just realized I'm not superwoman, contrary to what I want to believe, it's just not me.
Can't see why I would of thought that, doubt I could even get one thigh into her

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