Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Not much happening

Life is just kinda happening
and with such sometimes emotion.
Today Taylor and I arrived home to rush upstairs to look in on our sweet ring neck dove who is not feeling well.
I'm not happy, daddy isn't happy and Taylor is full of unhappy emotions just about now about how Jet is feeling.
My heart is breaking and I just don't know what to do, however we have talked and Taylor is well aware that Jet might be dieing.
Tonight Taylor, the brave six year old she is, opened my eyes up to her thoughts, and well the fact of life that no one or nothing is immortal.
Mommy had to have some mommy time to catch her emotions and well Taylor just went on and started to get ready for bed.
When did being a mommy become so hard, I'm never having all the answers and sometimes for my lack of being able to tell even a little white lie, the truth hurts so.
I'll just say my prayers and look in on our little feathered friend and know that well she has been with us we've given her the best life we could.

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