Thursday, March 29, 2007

I guess I have to say I've taken a bit of a break---haven't been about for a bit, life has just been moving a wee bit too fast in some ways and in others way just not happening much.
I've been about the house a wee bit more this week than I care to be, but being with Micheal has been good, us time is nice and spending time with him has been enjoyable.
However, I've come to the conclusion I am a worker by habit and need to go to work daily to feel like I am accomplishing something.
Life is just too short and I have to learn to worry less and enjoy free time more.

Taylor has been great, behaviourally I think we are moving into a new stage, one with lip and attitude. Then again, my favourite expression and one that is so true--"the apple don't fall far from the tree"-ouch hurts when your own words sound so true.

Scrapping related, I actaully completed five pages in one day. Fast quick and done, but done, to win a RAK. I had fun doing it and if Taylor is actually given a task, I can actually scrap and have a chance to do my thing. Her thing just reflects her nintendo lately whether that is a good thing or not who knows.

Well I'll try to post my layouts, maybe one or two, but I now know, I can't do everything in one day, so blogging, scrapping, living and doing just have to all get in line.........and one day at a time, I'll get things done.

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