Sunday, March 18, 2007

Learning the smallest things in life can make us smile

Today marks the end of March Break, sometimes I feel so guilty about my new job and the idea of having to work lots and spend little time with Taylor-however she understand it's our new life style and we just have to do things different than before.
Well, this week was a week to learn that the little things in life are important. Daddy has a bird, Jet, who has been ill. This week we actually spoke about how ill Jet seems and that she may not make it. Mommy went to bed one night this week in tears after Taylor asked her questions about life and made a few comments about not wanting people or things to die.

I decided that I would do my best to see what I could do to make Jet better.

Well I found a person at Petsmart who knew just want to do, she gave me food, taught me how to feed Jet, and well home I came to start. At first Jet wanted nothing to do with this, Tika our dog found the food just what she would love to share but being she is allergic to protein there was no way she could taste it. Well after a bit Jet realized I was there to help her, she gave in to the feedings and well last night Taylor and Jet were on the floor playing about like the beginning of the week never happened.
I have to admit I truly believed Jet was not going to be with us any longer, it just wasn't her time, and thankfully our family is now with the little two legged feathered friend playing about.
We learned love can make things better, time is all it takes to let us know what's in store, and a little food in a belly can make a big difference.

This March Break may not of been one with exotic trips and lots of travel but it taught us that love and time are really the things in life that are important.

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