Friday, March 9, 2007

Just another day today.............
well not attempting to teach Taylor some valuable life lessons, I dawned my bathing suit and we went swimming at the gym.
Now for most, this activity it one of fun, but for me it is my least favourite thing to do in life, and I made sure Taylor knew of this.
After swimming I was amazed to hear her say, we really didn't have to go swimming if you don't like it at all, and that was my perfect time to teach............
Lesson went.......sometimes we have to do things in life we just don't like, and that will be the same with you and your friends, sometimes you have to play in the playground things they want to play that you don't and well, today mommy really didn't want to do this but she did.
She gave this some thought and after a few minutes just smiled and said, can we go to McDonald's yet? My comment, yup, and that's my second least favourite thing in life to do. Wondered if she learned a lesson, only time will tell.

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