Thursday, March 8, 2007

Not so much happening today
Taylor spent the afternoon at a school assembly and after we took a cake to say thank you to her supply teacher who has been in the class since November.

Long after the little celebration of thanks, driving home Taylor took a moment to thank me for bringing in the cake, it truly made my heart so happy to hear her appreciate the little gesture, and take the time to say thanks herself. I truly hope her father and I have raised her to be thoughtful in all she says and does. Being an only child can have such a bad rap, but being a thoughtful appreciative little being can make the world think twice about what or who you are and just be happy with the manners and attitude that go along with the personality.
I'm proud of her, daddy is proud of her and if she is proud of who she is she's got half the battle in life beat.
You go girly.

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