Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ok I admit---I'm a mood scrapper all the way--today my mood wasn't there but things just kinda happened--and wow
I am so happy with the one layout I have been working on for a bit
just kinda happened that when it was done---I felt it was done and I felt good about it

Taylor is really really exicited about school tomorrow
a tv crew is going to be at her school to film with the kids the principals animals that she is bringing in
Taylor's principal has her own zoo
so far Taylor has had the opportunity to touch more exoctic animals than I and she is loving it
tomorrow up early
and to school by 6:30
they have the opportunity to be on tv four times so maybe she will have her one min of fame
daddy is taping it so we can watch it later
I'll let yah know if she's on and what she's up to

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