Sunday, April 22, 2007

It's been a bit

When it rains it pours......................things have just been happening but life goes on...........everything should only happen in threes so I'm hoping my three times three is over ..........LOL.

I've been busy with some new things, getting some layouts done for a few DT opportunities and in between all that, trying to get things done either at work or home. When someone invents a new clock with lots more hours and lots less sleep needed I'll be the first in line to buy one....well I might just rent one first to see if it really works.

Each day is a new learned lesson and the newest learned one for me was recently at Taylor's school on her wacky hair day. Boy do my words haunt me when she uses them on a friend. You see I was going to colour her hair her schools colours, however in the process someone told me that it could stay in for a lot longer than expected and possibly ruin her hair. Well in she goes to school with her hair done, and in walks her best friend in the whole wide world. Taylor's hair is not coloured and well the other little girl's hair is....what do I hear come out of Taylor's mouth.....That's gonna ruin your hair yah know it's gonna take a long time to come out..........ouch my words. I'll just keep quiet and use the word "NO" next time---remembering my new thought KISS lol.

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