Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lessons in Life

I've learned so much tonight-so much from a six year old about life and how it can hurt. Grade one has been absolutely amazing---amazing friendship, amazing learning, amazing teachers, and most of all amazing lessons.

Hurtful but life it's self can be that way and tonight I learned sometimes you can't say anything and all you can do is cry with that little one in your arms who is crying over the fact that her very best friend is moving away and that they won't share next year together at school.

I've learned to listen, to sit and to just hold onto that little girl and let her know her father and mother will always be there. I've learned it's ok to cry and let her know you don't know what to say but you know and feel her pain. I've learned that being brave in front of others is what you do when you don't want your friends to see you cry but when you are alone at home going to bed it's ok to let it all out and really tell how your heart if feeling.

I've learned being a mom is hard, but being a six years old can be harder.

I've learned I'll have lots more tears and nights like this, after all she is only six and she has her whole life ahead of her. The most important thing I've learned is that being honest and talking allows you to know the truth. I'm hoping we'll always be able to talk, be open and honest.

I'm hoping life will be full of lots of learning opportunities, and I'm hoping that as a mother I'm handling those lessons in life right now the right way, or the way that will make a difference in how a little girl feels.

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