Friday, July 6, 2007

Just when yah think you are getting somewhere another detour happens and well, yah gotta get new directions.
Everyone in the house has been ill this last week and a bit, with one thing or another. Just when you think all is ok then it starts all over again. Vicious circle, ok new rule--------no kissing-----no hugging---and no sharing freezies ------
I'm joking
but for real
how do yah keep germs from spreading and spreading over and over again
I think Mr Clean had the right idea-----wear white and walk around with a Jcloth lol

now that finally I think everyone is feeling a wee bit better I just might get some scrapping in this weekend
I've been able to take some really neat shots lately and with some of the time I've spent bopping about I've been able to see some great work to get some kewl ideas.
Gonnna just lay down the law and make some time----I'll be posting more to my slide show soon--stay tuned...................Laters

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