Thursday, September 27, 2007


Sometimes being a mom is sooooo hard,,,,,,lately we are having a problem of how it's actually suppose to happen.
I've had about enough, so I've taken action.........make a promise and keep it...but wow can that sometimes be hard.
Today we had something come about and Taylor had a 15 minute earlier than usual bed time set---well issue number two occurred...........I'm not going to be defied, and well another 15 minutes earlier to bed was set==I was serious when I said it and I am going to follow through...... well tears--guess what they didn't work.

Guess what.....
she is in bed, I kept my promise, sometimes it's hard being a mommy and doing what you say you are going to do. My favourite saying--I keep my promises good or bad....bad being discipline action needing to be taken. Good like going out for icecream...........wouldn't life be simple it all it took was icecream to make the world go around.

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