Sunday, February 10, 2008

True Beauty is Found Within

Each day is a challenge for Taylor at school, she lost her best friend last year when she moved away the last day of school. They were inseparable, always together and two of a kind.
This year is a different year, a year full of girls trying to fit, of girls, trying to out do one another and wow, yup this already happens in grade two.

Each day, Taylor, her father and I talk. We talk about all the values that are important in life, what you need to do to succeed. How to behave, and how to interact with others. One important thought we continue to teach her is that beauty from the inside out is important, that you can have the looks but you need the whole package, the personality, the manners and the thoughts of others in mind when you are taking on the tasks of each day.
This layout is for Taylor, to remind her where true beauty is found.

First Blush Kit-Prima Hybrid
Frame-Prima Hybrid
True Beauty Quote-Taylormade Quote

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