Sunday, March 30, 2008

A Few Pictures to Share and Happy End of March

In like a lion out like a lamb-----we hope
so far so good
great weather
and the sun is shining.............................March was a busy month, lots done and lots happening throughout it...seems like we were forever on the go and never really having had much time to stop.....

Goal for the week
take pics of whatever whereever,
I'm finding I need more pictures to scrap and I'm just gonna have to set some time aside to take them
maybe head out for a hike
or just do the backyard thing and snap a few shots.

Whatever today finds yah doing
love your family
dance like no one is watching
and live like you love life

The other day I was reading a friends blog and she was commenting on how life can be
then the last comment really made me think.............Someone once told me. "You think you have problems? We ALL have them. If you were given the chance to have ALL your problems taken away, but you had to pick out of a hat for new ones, would you?"

know what
I wouldn't
can't imagine walking in some people's shoes I know-my problems are little compared to the issues they have to deal with
Life is good......
make it better by just being kind to everyone including yourself.
Here's a few pic of my March adventures
out for the day to see Princesses on Ice with my dad and Taylor.....thanks for looking.

Dreams really do come true..............Cinderella found her prince.....

Here's two of my dad and Taylor----both my heros......the first us on the train heading to the city....

This one's at the Harbour Front-it was cold but the sites were amazing.

One last shot of the princess in the water--where ever we walked to she followed-isn't she just beautiful.

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