Sunday, March 23, 2008

What do you do when you can't sleep.....?

Create a that makes yah think.
Children's allergies are one of the most frightening things to have to learn about and experience. We've outgrown many, and yet still have one that no one can figure out.
Tonight I sat here and created this layout remembering last year how difficult it was for you to give up tomatoes. It was so hard but you did it and were so brave about it, just think it meant that you couldn't eat so many things, but you did it and in the end you were allowed to have them back.

Simple things in life can make life so frustrating, so upsetting and so hard to understand. You've been so understanding in all the things in life that you've learned to adjust to.
Friendship and the loss of a best friend who moved away.
Being teased about being different, sometimes being smart does make you a bit different than others, but you try so hard to fit.
Not being able to eat what others eat, even today with your spice allergy.
And you are the most understanding, most caring, and most cooperative little being I know.
Keep being you..........and remember always take delight in the simple things in life cause you never know when they might be taken away.

I know I've blogged about it before, but living with an allergy that a child has is very difficult...especially when the children's hospital says they are a "mystery".
We've been through peanuts and outgrown that allergy, we live with a medical allergy, but to know you are allergic to something and not know what the actual allergy is makes life a bit worrisome........being allergic to Hostess Doritos Cool
Ranch Chips is rare........being allergic to the whole product and nothing when it is broken down into spices is even harder. You live wondering what spice combination you are allergic to and if it will show in another food.
Allergies are not a simple matter to live with, if you know someone with an allergy, give them a hug and let them know you know how serious it is. For them it's always a worry, for them it's always a thought of -what if???
Digi kit Pieces from: Daleanncubba-flower flourish, Kperrien_flowerydayframe, HSS-Freebie-Branches


Alli said...

Childhood allergies is neice is allergic to peanuts...was all nuts but now narrowed down to just peanuts...which in some form is in tons of food!!!!
Hope you find answers soon!

The Savvy Scrapbooker said...

sorry to hear that Taylor has allergies. I have hay fever and it was really bad as a kid growing up on a farm.

I was so happy to see a comment from you. We really should try and keep in touch even though CB is gone. Love your layouts!