Friday, January 2, 2009

Things to share

With January having started I can finally tell yah my exciting I was selected for their card design team.

The site rocks and the kits are amazing, I can't tell you how excited I was to have the opportunity to be on this team. I've just posted a bunch of cards in the design team area of the gallery, and I'm inviting all my friends to come on over, register, and look about. The talent there is amazing, the women are uber friendly, and the site rocks with challenges that will give you opportunity for some incredible prizes.

ALSO, if you want a chance at being published, there is a monthly ezine, read the post there on the forum about February's ezine call. You just might have that chance at having a layout or altered item in that ezine and an opportunity at your first publication.

Can't wait to meet yah there, and hey mention you stopped by here and saw the info, there just might be a rak from me involved if you find your way there, post and participate.


Pearl said...

Oooo Congrats on being on their card DT !

& thanks for stopping by my blog !

Calia Yang said...

Thanks for stoppin' by! ^_^ I'll be adding you to my scrappy friends list. tty on mmfy!