Saturday, June 27, 2009

Thought I would share

On Friday being the last day of school
Taylor's school had an assembly it started at eight thirty and ended just before eleven

it was so emotional
Taylor's principal spent her last day with the children as she is heading to another school next year
at times I don't think there was a dry eye in the gym

including in the presentation that was made to Taylor,
we knew the teacher told me a bit ago
the teacher nominated her as the "All round female"
the award is presented to the grade three girl
and the award is in the memory of a young girl who was hit by a car and died a few years back
the teacher was so emotional reading the presentation
Taylor was called up to receive her plaque
Taylor was totally in shock when her name was called
she went up graciously
received her award
and sat so proud when she returned to where her classmates were sitting
after the assembly
she shared with us that her classmates all whispered to her that
she would be the one to receive it, and after teacher's said they didn't know of a better girl for it to go to

how amazing is that
her father was there
in his pain he sat through the assembly
but how proud we were when she received it

she is such a different little girl
never ceasing to amaze us
we are so proud
thanks for letting me share

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