Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Absolutely Amazing

I've studied psychology, I've studied child development, but each day I'm amazed by just sitting back and watching or listening to what Taylor has to say. She seems to always be on the same page as me, she understands things that sometimes I don't, and she is always able to put a smile on my and her father's face.
Tonight we were sitting at a table and she started to comment about a lady sitting a bit away from us at another table in the restaurant, how she must be having mid-life crisis. I almost chocked on my drink, and hubby asked her how she knew all she was saying. She reminded him of how he told her about some guy driving a souped up sports car and not suiting it by being that he was having a mid life crisis and then she mentioned the grey hair and the fact that lady did a terrible touch up.... well most would think she was overly rude and nasty with her comment but you really had to see the facial comical expressions. It made her father and I laugh and we really needed that laugh at that time. Hubby had a not so good day, and it was light humour at the right time.
Here's a layout of Taylor, doing what she does lot of == smiling at the world.

LaWanna Desjardin, Desjardin Digital Designs-Daisy Rubbons and Paper from Oopsy Daisy Kit, Swirl from Swish Stamped Botanical Stamps

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ScrappeeDiane said...

What a great story. It always amazes me how children are brought into our lives and we think we are there for them but really they were given to us to help us through life.

Hope today is a better one for your hubby. Blessing to your family :o)

prettypilot2002 said...

I just love that photo of her...great lo girl

prettypilot2002 said...

I love that photo... beautiful lo girl

prettypilot2002 said...

how are you this wonderful day? I hope all is well and scrapping is going great :)

Jan said...

A beautiful Layout! Love the story about Taylor in the restaurant :)
Life uncensored is a good thing ;)