Monday, July 20, 2009

How pathetic is this......

Got home from work tonight and hubby mentioned he might put the sprinkler on the front lawn. So out I went to to do some weeding, and well after filling two small bags ouch, a blister. Couldn't believe it, and man does it hurt. Sad thing was I was just teasing Taylor about getting a splinter, and how much it must of hurt-NOT so sympathy from her was zero.
Anyway the lawn looks weed free, the finger is hurting and the lawn didn't get watered after all cause it's suppose to rain tomorrow.
Taylor tried to help but she spent more time flitting about and doing some karate moves when she was forced to lol by me.
Pathetic about getting a blister though, shows that I don't' do much manual labour eh.


Just figured out I have deleted my videos for my traditional and digital layouts, gotta work on getting those back on line, only problem is most of my other work is on the other computer so guess I'm just gonna have to kick hubby off it sometime so I can get organized.

A layout to share that's designed using a template and an amazing kit.

Kit Credit to Mad Scrapper Designs - Wendis World- Template - by Fabella and Font-Scriptina

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Papertrails by a paper lover said...

sorry about the blister Lisa :-( Glad your yard looks good! Hugs!