Saturday, July 18, 2009

Another Saturday

Another Saturday has come and just about gone, and well here I sit after having bopped about the boards for a bit.
Another scrapbook site I frequent is closing, it's so sad to see but knowing that the owner made the decision on what is best for her family I give her credit. Family should always come first. I made the mistake with a job I had to always consider career first, and with that job having ended I've come to realize family is there for you always, and always needs you there for them. My husband is my pillar for most things in life and my daughter has become my hero. Yah, I ask myself often how an eight year old can be my hero but she is. She meets each task in life head on without hesitation. She does have fear but she never lets that stop her from a challenge. She knows her abilities, she understands in life frustrations, and she acts responsibly for all she does. My husband and I have given her her wings, she needs to choose how she will fly, and so far she has made so many right choices that I truly wish her well and luck in all her endeavours. I know she will succeed and I know that in life we have alot more to teach each other. I am truly hoping that in creating my scrapbook pages that she will always know how proud we are of her.

CREDITS: All papers and elements from In The Garden by Mad Scrapper Designs

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