Saturday, August 8, 2009

Promise Not To Laugh

Ok I'm gonna share something that well it did make me laugh, but it's not ok for you to laugh, ok???
Today like any other Saturday, started off with me driving Taylor to swimming lessons. After swimming lessons we headed to my parents cause I forgot to bring her blood testing kit home last night, yah I know something so important but that's another story. So, we pick it up head home have lunch and convince hubby to come back to the gym for Taylor's karate. During her karate we drove over to the magazine shop and hubby is always buying a treat there so how could I say no when he offered me a butter tart. I mean, I've been dieting, and that butter tart looked up at me and said--Lisa you can't leave and bet yah can't just eat one.
This is the part, when we were heading out there was a man sitting on the bench by the truck. He'd been down on his luck, sitting there with all his worldly possessions watching everyone go by. Well, looking at the package I realized that eating two would defeat the dieting all week long, so I approached the gentleman and offered him one explaining why and he smile, refused, and then started to tell me that dieting wasn't about when you eat like some say, it's about what you eat, I sort of smiled knowing how true this is. I couldn't believe it, he actually said no. Rejection hurts did you know that. Being told no really bugged me, and especially when my wonderful, loving, caring, husband looked at me and commented. Right about now I forget his comment, however being laughed at about being rejected stunk. Well, sometimes yah just can't do something nice all the time, so know what? After I log off I'm gonna go eat that other butter tart. See that man was smart after all, he was slender, happy, and one butter tart less in weight..... lol. Ok be honest did you laugh at me being rejected too?

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Papertrails by a paper lover said...

Lisa your heart is golden! I hope that tart was delicious!

Melanie said...

Hi Lisa, I didn't laugh at you for being rejected. I thought it was beautiful that you offered it to him.

Im sure he was happy that you offered it.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

ScrappeeDiane said...

No laughing here, you have the biggest heart. A very special one. Hope the tart was super yummy, they are my favourite.

prettypilot2002 said...

you are so sweet... PS is Taylor Diabetic? My DH had juvi diabetes so the blood testing thing is no news to me hugs girl and thanks for all the love in the gallery. Have an amazing week!