Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Have you been here yet????

Here's a blog after my heart. Have you heard of or have you been to Scrap It Forward, I mean think of the concept, scrapbook creating and the ability to help someone, or something. I have to be honest I have had good intentions twice to send the items they were looking for, but with the way my life has been when I finally went to send Christine actually mentinoed that I need not as I was a wee bit late. Yah hubby and car accident lead to not getting things done, but how sweet has the site been but twice awarding me a prize, and I will be honest they have inspired me in life to pay if forward lots lately and it so make my heart happier doing so when I can.
I'm hoping that I can send a few people their way, go check them out,
and see what's happening this week, yup you are right more blog candy and you don't even need to create to be entered into the draw to receive some. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I win, wouldn't that be an amazing birthday prize, oops did I say that outloud, but shusssh don't tell anyone mine's soon.

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Emine Pazan said...

hi lisa

sorry to hear about your hubby.
My workshop with the kit would help you to create a fab book in no time. Or you can help me by spreading the word.

thanks honey


Emine Pazan said...

I want to send you an email but can't find it on your blog.
could you email me? eminepazan@live.com

thanks honey