Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Do you believe in angels

I created this layout a bit ago and kept it tucked away until now. Taylor and our dog Tika are the best of friends. Funny how love and devotion come so easy to children and pets. They are inseparable and often you will find one snuggling the other in the oddest places. Right about now both need angels and some good thoughts sent their way, Taylor having just been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and well Tika is just Tika, she's healing slowly after having hurt her knee jumping off the deck to chase something in the backyard. So I believe in angels and really hope that one is watching over both of them to guide them on their adventures but to most of all just be sure they are safe and know that they are cared for.
You will probably find me writing lots on my blog about our new adventure with Taylor, it helps me put my thoughts somewhere and digest all we are going through, hope you don't mind reading abit about what's happening in our lives that way.
Hugs and thanks for visiting
I found this digi kit on digifree and can't find the info on who designed it, I'd love to give credit to the artist and will hunt through my files, but some were lost when my mini drive was broke so it may be impossible to post the designer. If you recognize the kit please let me know so I can give to where credit is due

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