Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Getting there.......

and two posts in one day, can you believe it?
After dropping Taylor off at school and stopping by my parents home to say hello, I came home, had a sleep, and finally spent a bit more time in the basement working on getting my scrapping space organized. I didn't realize that for the longest time it bothered me as much as it has not being organized and tidied. It's been a bit since I've thought about scrappin to be honest. With all that has gone on this year scrapping has been the last thing on my mind, but I've come to the conclusion that I need some "me time". Some time to do what I enjoy, and, to spend time doing with Taylor too. She's one creative little cookie and when she is in my space with me it's fun seeing her do, and believe it or not it's as exciting seeing her finish her layouts as it is creating one myself.

Also today I spent some time with hubby, just him and I. I wasn't sure what we would do, he's been so sick and in constant pain from his car accident. My heart hurts so to see him in pain, but he put everything aside today and suggested we go to a movie. With Taylor being in school and me not working it was the perfect day to go, and what did we see? Twilight Saga...New Moon. Did I enjoy it, yeah. Was it all it was hyped to be, I didn't think so. Who would I say I prefer, the wolves. Would I go again, no, but it was a great way to spend some time with hubby, and for him to have suggested it was sweet. We even managed to do dinner out and that was fun and once I was off to pick up Taylor it was time for home and time for mommy and daddy to spend time with her. She's been having a real hard time with all, not sleeping has been one of the biggest issues. Today I called the doctor and she suggested for us to change the administration time of insulin. Tomorrow we will adminsiter it at night, if this doesn't change her sleeping patterns we will talk with the doctor in more detail during our next visit. All I keep saying is one day at a time, and each day baby steps, those simple words keep my grounded and help me with all I do along the way to just "getting there".
Thanks for reading my blah blah blah blah blah. Keeping my thoughts in one place helps and once I'm scrappin more again I will post so that it's just not all about my life in words.

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