Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Family Day

It's been a great weekend spent with those I love. Yesterday hubby's pain was so bad and like he has for the longest time he put it aside to go out with friends and Taylor and I to see --- what else but for children--The Tooth Fairy.

I laughed, I cried and I loved the movie, what a nice way to spend Valentines. Great movie and nice eyecandy for mommy!
Today in Ontario we are celebrating Family Day, guess a few years back the government decided it was important to have a day celebrating those we love and are with daily and so what a reason then this to have a day off work in February. Today Taylor and I made cupcakes, she is an amazing little trooper and wow, I was so impressed that every time she licked her fingers she remember without being reminded to wash her hands, what a good girl she is.
So however you are spending this day, I hope you enjoy the time with your love ones. Tell them a thousand times a day you love them, and then some, you can never say it enough.

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ScrappeeDiane said...

Happy Family Day to you too. Here in B.C. we don't get to have a day off but I will hug my family and tell them I love because that is what I do everyday. Through friends like you Lisa, I realize that you just never what is coming your way and if you love someone make sure you tell them every chance you get. MMMMmmmm cupcakes, I think Michael and I should make some after school, great idea.