Saturday, March 13, 2010

Image this.........

you are nine years old, and you get your swim grade given to you. You are suppose to be in the sixth level, meaning you've passed all other levels before this one. You're at the pool standing waiting to be given your end of session report card and the instructor hands you your grade card and he's graded you in a level you are NOT in and he's indicated you have failed, oh yah by the way he's graded you for level five. Remember you are nine years old, can do the math and know you've already accomplished and passed this level just the month before.
Now how do you explain that to a child?
Then off you go to karate and all your friends tested last week, because you have been ill, in the hospital, taken outta the house in an ambulance with an oxygen mask administered, and a heart monitor on and there you stand cause you've missed a few weeks and all your friends get their next belt, you stand not getting one feeling sad and upset but don't want to cry.
How would you feel?
As a mom my heart was hurting today, but also I tried to find the positive, and this is what I have come up with.....if it doesn't kill you it will make you stronger.
So I'm heading to bed knowing Taylor's heart is heavy but she's able to test in a few weeks for her next belt and well, mom will just have to go to the pool and talk to the swim instructor who thinks he knows everything--yup he's about nineteen and as cute as heck, but thinks he's smarter than everyone and knows all there is to know.
Well mom will talk with him and let him know her feelings, not that that is gonna do any good, but I will know that momma bear has once again protected her cub from being hurt again. Wow, why didn't anyone tell me mommy's heart is gonna hurt more than her child's sometimes?


Allison Cope said...

Awwww.... sending you lots of hugs today... both of you!

Lisamariemlt said...

thanks Ally it's appreciated